About Matmon

Company vision: The creation of a self-sustaining value for stock-holders and investors by means of the investigation, location, development and maintenance of Israeli projects, mostly located in the South of Israel, with potential for international business development.

General background

MATMON NEGEV INVESTMENTS LTD. is an investment company that offers business management services to investors in Israel and the world-over. Its owners and associates have years of experience in the field and are well connected with other investors, companies and projects seeking investments for further business development.

Matmon Investments specializes in finding investors, companies and projects with international growth potential, investing in them and accompanying their development process. Matmon Investments guides companies toward achieving their investment goals.

Matmon Investments specializes in referring investors to companies, so that they may invest directly in those companies.

Matmon Investments specializes in representing foreign companies in Israel and in representing Israeli companies in the U.S.A. and in Europe.

Matmon Investments offers companies the experience of its founders, directors and associates, assistance with the processes of business development, and help in attaining the predetermined business goals, as delineated at the time of the investment.

Matmon Investments specializes in the analysis, guidance and development of business ideas.

Matmon Investments sees the Negev Region as its primary place of action, though it will also facilitate investments outside this geographic area.

Matmon Investments creates significant added value for its clients and investors by perpetuating high standards in organizational, business and management culture.