Company associates

Mr. George David Leff
– An expert in organizational development and personnel management.
– Served as an I.D.F. career officer dealing in the above fields.
– An independent organizational consultant and group counselor.
– B.A. in personnel management; M.A. in organizational behavior (U.S.A.).

Mr. Uri Bar Ner – Israeli Ambassador (Emeritus)
– Served as: Israel Ambassador to Turkey; Deputy Director of the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs; Assistant Director of Kupat Holim Kelalit; General Consul
of Israel in Chicago; Israeli Consul in New York; many other foreign affairs
positions, e.g. in India, Denmark and Washington, D.C.
– Held a key position in the establishment of the Schneider Children’s Medical
Center (near the Rabin Hospital), including raising massive funds to enable the
project and also the founding Friends of Schneider Children’s in both the U.S.A.
and Israel.
– Currently serves as an advisor to the America Friendship League (headed by
Mortimer Zuckerman & Kenneth Bialkin), which fosters U.S.-Israeli relations by
bringing influential businesspeople from the U.S. to Israel and sending Israeli
business delegations to the U.S.
– Encourages mutually-beneficial international commerce between Israel and Turkey,
bringing it up to 2.5 billion dollars.
– Directed several business and investment companies: Tamir Fishman (in the past);
Avenue Energy, developing the oil field at Helets; and currently
Ampal – the America-Israel Corporation.
– Consultant for the wireless Internet company “Inspire”.

Arnold Freedman, M.D. – Institute of Gene Therapy
M.D., Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Board certified – Pediatrics (1969); FRCO (Canada) (1969)
Board certified – Pediatric Hematology-Oncology (1973)
Fellowship in Virology/Oncology, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Memphis,
Clinical Research Physician, Clinical Ward, Gene Therapy Institute, Hadassah Univ.
Hospital, Jerusalem
Chief, Dept. Hematology-Oncology, Children Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO

Professor of Pediatrics, Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City, MO
Chief, Dept. of Pediatric-Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Inst.
Professor of Pediatrics, State Univ. of New York, Buffalo, NY
Editor-in-Chief, Cancer Drug Delivery
Advisory Board, Organ Sites Program, Nat. Cancer Inst., USA
Advisory Board, American Cancer Society, Pediatric Cancer
Scientific Advisory Board, William Guy Forbeck Foundation for Cancer Resear
Cancer Research, Gene Therapy.

Dr. Yair Samucha
– Served as: Director of the Association for the Advancement of Education in Israel;
Deputy Educational Director of the Ministry of Education; and researcher in life
sciences at Bar-Ilan University.
– Decades of experience in the management of large educational systems.
– Familiarity with various pedagogical theories and methodologies.
– Made effective use of strategies to promote change in communities and schools.
– Built educational working plans with goals, actions, time-schedule and delegated
– Built monitoring systems to follow changes, to oversee and evaluate these processes.
– Gathered staff and identified the factors that motivate or hinder the ability to deal
with crises and resistance.
– Planned, executed, followed-up and criticized a long-term program for the
establishment and cultivation of educational systems

Mr. Moshe Stein
– Born in Israel in 1954.
– B.Sc. in industrial engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
– Since 1998, serves as an ERP project consultant and manager of various projects
for leading Israeli companies and organization.
– Expert in systems, including the SAP organizational management system.
– 15 years of experience in positions as Deputy-Director of Production and Logistics
in Israeli and international high-tech companies.
– Experienced in high-tech start-up processes, in helping start-up companies and
in broadening the infrastructures of existing companies.
– Experienced in production management, engineering departments, the supply
chain in electronics firms and in products for the military and commercial markets.

Mr. Gil Kimchi
– Consultant and business educator.
– Expert in the preparation of business plans for new projects, guiding mergers
and acquisitions and providing financial-backing solutions.
– M.B.A. in economics, finance and accounting.
– 18 years of experience as Deputy-Director of Finance in industrial-electronics,
real-estate and financial companies.

Mr. John Arthur Harris


1226 Tierney Circle, Sandy, Utah 84094
John Harris has held senior diplomatic commercial positions such as Commercial
Counselor in Israel, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs in Brazil, Commercial
Counselor in Chile, and in Mexico, and has also been an international executive
in corporations like IBM, Caeco, and Bonneville, conducting business in the USA,
Europe, Asia and Latin America. He participated in the NAFTA implementation in
Mexico and served at the US Embassy in Chile during the FTA negotiations. As a
diplomat for the US Government he has received multiple awards, including the
Bronze Medal as the Outstanding Professional of the Department of Commerce.

He has lectured or taught on economics and business in major universities, such as
the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, FGV in Sao Paulo, ITESM in Monterrey Mexico,
and Brigham Young University. As now a retired diplomat, he is the Managing Partner
in his own consulting firm “International Business Developers.” He has Bachelor
(Cum Laude) and Masters in Engineering and an MBA (with Distinction) from BYU.
He served as one of the Seventies of the LDS Church in several countries for eight years.

Architect Roy Asaf – civil engineer
– Owns an office in Beer-Sheva that offers planning and engineering services.
– Has broad experience in building and construction.
– Graduated with excellence from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
– Executed many projects for institutional and private clients in the Negev Region
and elsewhere.
– Serves as an I.D.F. Reserves Regimental Commander.