Matmon Negev Investments Summary for Investment In Matmon

Matmon Negev Investments (subsidiary of Matmon Enterprises, LLC) a company that initiates mergers and investments while providing business management services to investors and company owners from Israel and abroad. The company was established upon the extensive experience of its founders. Matmon Investments specializes in interesting investors from Israel and abroad and in identifying investment and merger opportunities offering multiyear growth potential in the global markets, granting preference to Negev companies.(The southern part of Israel) The Company relates to the best interests of the investors, the investees and the merged entities, and strives to adjust the investment to the nature of the investors, investees and merged entities, in order to generate a maximum yield for the investment and merge, to enable Company growth.
The Company’s profit centers are derived from five different activities:
· Business consulting
· Business advisory for investments and mergers
· Sales of shares, owned by Matmon, which were received
as consideration for services rendered to clients.
· Company self owned shares dividend distribution
· executive mentoring
The managers of Matmon operate dynamically and proactively toward identifying the appropriate opportunities and timings for the sale and acquisition of investor holdings of the suitable companies. All of the actions are carried out for the benefit of the investor, investee and merged entities, respectively.
The forecast is for a rotation of target companies, all based on the opportunities that appear in the market.
Matmon Negev Investments’ managerial resources are dedicated to providing close executive accompaniment for approximately 10 companies at the same time over the next three years.

· Locating companies with unfulfilled business potential while placing
an emphasis on matching the nature of the target company with that
the investor and the merged entities.
· Increasing the value of the target companies and maximizing their
business potential by creating an added value for the investors and
investees, providing the target companies with guidance toward
achieving their objectives.

· Locating investors from Israel and abroad and leading them toward
investment execution.
· Annual growth rate of 15%
· Acquiring an identified and agreed upon consulting co.

Matmon Investment Profit Centers and Revenues
1. Consulting revenues
2. Business advisory revenues
3. Shares sale revenues – Shares derived by consideration for business
advisory, accompaniment, investor introduction and company mergers
4. Dividend revenues
5. Executive accompaniment/Mentoring

Investment Proposal
Matmon offers the investor 30% of the Company.
Interested investors are welcome to examine the Company’s current asset.

For further information, please contact:
Mr. David Sinigaglia, Chairman & Joint CEO

Tel.: +972-50-4601-043 or
+ 9728- 651-9959
Matmon Enterprises LLC
Omer Industrial Park
Israel 84965