Regional survey of the Negev

Matmon Investments sees the Negev as the primary development area in the State of Israel for the next few decades.

The Negev Region is defined as a “Class-A development area”, i.e., there is an exemption from paying company tax for the first 2 years, after which company tax is reduced, there is accelerated depreciation and grants are considered part of the investment.

The Negev, which is 65% of the landmass of the State of Israel, is undergoing accelerated development processes, partly due to the relocation of certain I.D.F. bases to the Negev, potentially encouraging many interesting business opportunities.

The Company founders, Negev residents, who are much involved in all that is happening in the region and are most familiar with the various government offices and the main projects active in the area, estimate that the relative advantages existing in the Negev Region are not being fully utilized to date. The following lists some of the relative advantages of the Negev Region of the State of Israel:

* Excellent land reserves for development.
* Obvious significant advantage for the solar-energy industry, due both to the land reserves and the high level of solar radiation in the desert climate.
* High-level human resources, thanks to the many academic centers: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Sami Shamoon Academic College of Engineering, Sapir College, Achva College, Kaye Teachers’ Seminar—altogether including ca. 35,000 students.
* Some of the most advanced research institutes in the world in the fields of: agriculture, communications, land and water use and solar energy are located in the Negev.
* Most of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies of the State of Israel are located in the Negev, employing thousands of workers.
* The granaries and most of the nation’s agricultural produce are found in the Negev, including advanced, adapted organic crops.
* The process of relocating I.D.F. bases to the Negev, begun last year, will lead to an investment by the Defense Ministry of 25 million NIS in the Negev over the next few years. As a result of processes of privatization within the defense system, Negev domestic production will increase by several billion NIS per year.
* The Region is expected to increase in population by the addition of tens of thousands of new residents from high socio-economic strata.
* There is currently a significant lack of hotel accommodations and recreational facilities of various levels and insufficient tourist, dining and leisure options.
* Many possibilities exist to encourage companies with international development potential to realize their potential.
* Companies interested in coming to/investing in the Negev will find that their great potential can be further enhanced and better realized by our guidance and counseling services and project promotions.

Matmon Negev Investments Ltd. was founded in light of the business opportunities existing in the Negev. Its founders, directors and associates bring with them years of experience and proven ability in local and international business development.

Matmon Investments provides personal, high-quality services to its clients, with individual attention given to each investor, each company and each project in which investments have been made, including adapting investments as necessary and managing them on behalf of the client.

Matmon Investments strives to reduce risk for the investor and to maximize the investor’s returns.
Parties interested in the Company’s services are invited to make an appointment for a personal meeting with the Company directors.