The Founders

The founders of the Company have long-term local and international experience in investment and portfolio management, business management, and in the establishment and development of projects and businesses. The founders and associates of the Company come from many varied areas of specialization, enabling the Company to function in a wide spectrum of investment areas. The following is a brief description of the founders and associates:

Acting directors

Mr. David Sinigaglia – Chairman, Managing Director and CEO
– 45 years of experience
– Experienced in the establishment and management
of international companies in Israel, Europe and the U.S.A.
– Founded the first 2 high-tech plants in Yokne’am.
– Employed over 10,000 workers in Israel, Europe and the U.S.A.
– Managed investment banks in New York, England, Germany and Israel.
– Was a member and consultant of the Nevada Development Authority, U.S.A.
– Highly connected with investors in Israel and abroad.
– Studied industrial engineering, business management, economic
development and the inculcation of organizational culture.
– Came back to Israel 3 years ago and build his home in Meitar, in the Negev.

Mr. Hagai Ofek – President, Co- Managing Director
– 20 years of experience.
– Managed a real-estate investment company and several start-ups.
– Owner of an economic consulting firm, offering managerial services
and promoting projects.
– Experienced in real-estate investments in the Negev and in start-ups.
– Currently serving as the manager of the large (3000 dunam = ca. 750
acres) business park being constructed near the Lehavim Junction in the Negev.
– B.S. in agricultural economics; M.A. in international economic development (U.S.A.).

Mr. Amnon Ben Dahan – Vice-President & Chief Operations Officer 
– 20 years of experience.
– Currently serving as a professional consultant and project promoter
on behalf of institutions, organizations and companies in the fields
of infrastructure and environmental science.
– Served as a manager in the fields of infrastructure, environmental
science, settlement and housing for “Daromah – Idan ha-Negev” – the
company that prepared and lead the national strategic plan for the
development of the Negev.
– Expert in these fields, he founded and directed the Unit for Environmental
Quality in the eastern Negev area.
– B.A. in geography and environmental studies; M.A. in management
and public policy.
– Second-in-command of the I.D.F. Reserves Armored Detachment,
with a rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.